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The rain finally lets up

November 9, 2006

What is that big yellow thing in the sky? It’s the sun!

Mr. Sun

I have errands to run, so I can take advantage of the good weather to do them. But first, I make the daily stop at Cafe Racer.

It never ceases to amaze me that people can’t believe I ride in the rain. Okay, Monday might have been a good day to leave the PX in the garage, but this is Seattle. If you don’t do things because it rains, you just don’t do things. And you don’t get used to a new bike unless you ride it.

It’s actually warm when I leave to make my rounds, and I am proud of myself for making all my uphill starts without stalling. None were steep hills, however. In fact, I’m getting comfortable enough that my response to the driver of a Honda Odyssey who doesn’t know that you can turn left on a red light if you’re turning onto a one-way steet is to whip around her and go.

I do tend to forget that the PX doesn’t have a rack (the freebie rack & top case that came with the lowball financing deal haven’t arrived yet). Target had a good price on jeans; luckily I was able to stuff them into the glove box after rolling them up and squishing the bag.

Heading home, I decide to take Northgate Way to Aurora. The break-in period is over, and it’s safe to let ‘er rip. Aurora Avenue isn’t such a bad place to ride north of Green Lake, because people tend to pay attention to the 40-mph speed limit. But south of Greenlake Way, something happens… people are overcome by something race car drivers call “the red mist.” They think they’re on a freeway, and go 60 mph.

If it were raining, I’d be nervous, but it’s sunny and the pavement is dry, so I just stay right. The bow waves of minivans and SUVs do make the PX twitch a bit, but traffic slows approaching the Aurora Bridge. Decision time: take the hard right at the other end of the bridge, or take the Dexter Avenue exit a short way further.

Dexter it is. But the pavement is wet and covered with wet leaves, so I have to slow to bicycle speed to make sure I don’t plaster myself on the wall of the underpass.

I should’ve made the hard right. Favicon


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