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Almost Halloween

October 28, 2006

It’s foggy in the morning as I head out for breakfast. There isn’t a lot of traffic on Nickerson, or anywhere for that matter. This last weekend of October will see the PX’s first rally, but that’s not until tomorrow.

Getting ready to come back from Cafe Racer, I decide to take the long way. Go around the North end of Lake Union, onto Aurora Avenue to 85th, where I’d turn left and take Greenwood home. When I first got the ET, I was afraid to ride on Aurora, but now it doesn’t bother me.

Scooter pumpkin

One thing about this route that made me decide to take it was the number of uphill stops. Like just about all of them before 85th. I’m now pretty well trained to step on the brake pedal when I want to stop or hold the bike in place. I’m also able to know by feel where the clutch engages.

First uphill stop: In neutral, wait for the light, it’s green, give it gas, release the clutch, feel it slip, then take my foot off the brake. Nice start! Next one, same deal. I do this a couple more times before reaching the light at 85th, and two more times before finally making the left turn (lights in Seattle are really short). So far, so good. But then I haven’t had to stop on a really steep hill.

Greenwood Avenue is packed with parents and little kids, most in Halloween costumes. It’s Paranoid Baby Boomer Halloween, as kids hit up local merchants for candy at half past noon. This of course being the manifestation of Baby Boomer parents’ pathological fear of sharp objects in their little darlings’ Halloween treats. As the folks at point out, yes there have been a few incidents that resulted in minor injuries, but come on–the skins of fruits will be damaged by insertion of foreign objects, and it’s not possible to re-wrap most candy that could hide a needle or razor blade.

The trick-or-treaters become considerably less numerous once past the jog where Greenwood becomes Phinney. The sun is out, and it feels almost warm as I round the corner of Woodland Park at 50th. On Fremont, the 76 station has premium for $2.599 per gallon. The gas gauge reads half full. Yes, let’s fill the tank. One less thing to do for the ride tomorrow. Favicon


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