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It must be late October in Seattle…

October 26, 2006

All the leaves are brown. And the sky is gray. However, at this point I am not California Dreamin’, because Winter is still almost two months away. But I am riding.

I must admit, I really enjoyed the attention my ET brought. The waves, the smiles, the little kids pointing and exclaiming to their parents, “Mom! Dad! Look at the moped!!” Uh, no, kid, it’s not a moped… it can go faster than 30 mph.

While the PX seems to blend into the woodwork a bit more, nevertheless, two moments from recent days stand out: passing a flagger (that is, the person with the sign on a pole that says “Slow” on one side and “Stop” on the other) on the part of Fairview that’s ripped up for Paul Allen’s streetcar, she sees me, breaks into a big grin and gives a thumbs-up. The other was the cute college girl a block east of SPU who smiled as she saw me approaching the intersection of Cremona and Queen Anne.

Also noteworthy is the PX itself. With almost 450 miles on the clock, it feels sprightlier. Of course, that also could be me… I hardly ever misjudge throttle vs. clutch now, which means I can move out more smartly from stops. It seems not to mind a few more revs in each gear, either.

I’m also starting to get used to the PX’s greater inclination to change direction. The tires are both the same size, and much skinnier than the ET’s, so the PX is much more nimble. I’ve already noticed that I lean into corners much more (there being little to hit on the bike’s flat bottom) than I used to. I still think it’s unlikely I will ever hang off the seat and drag my knee on the ground like a MotoGP racer…

It’s quite windy today, and coming back along the North end of Lake Union I find myself getting blown around the way I used to when I rode the ET on a freeway. Yikes! If you’re not ready for it, you could find yourself in a lane where you don’t want to be, maybe even face to face with a Jetta driven by a woman too engrossed in her cell phone conversation to consider the impending head-on collision.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic. But it’s another mental note, one of many that will be filed away in the process of riding the PX becoming second nature. Favicon


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