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Time for a bath

October 22, 2006

I had been riding through mud puddles lately, and the dust in the basement garage where the PX lives is so thick, the engine fan kicks up clouds of the stuff when I bring it in to put it to bed. And black gives dirt a visibility no other color can match.

Okay, time to wash the bike. The nice thing about a PX 150 (or any scooter) is how little you actually have to wash. I don’t know the exact surface area, but you can have your scooter sparkling clean in less than 10 minutes.

Sudsy water bucket

Be sure not to drown it. There are lots of places on a scooter where flooding with water will make your life miserable. You can set your hose nozzle to the “mist” or “sprinkle” setting and rinse it perfectly well.

Drying it off with a towel or two is a good idea, especially if the water coming out of your hose has a lot of minerals. The floorboard has no drain holes, so water can get deep enough to come up to the level of the rubber strips.

One more thing: the glove box is not the least bit waterproof. In fact, there are some wires in there that you should probably check for chafing and broken insulation as the bike gets older. If you have anything in there that you don’t want to get wet, take it out, and dry it out before you put more stuff in there. Favicon


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