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More about 2-stroke oil

October 17, 2006

Got a bit of a scare. I had decided to see Infamous at the Seven Gables Theatre, one of Seattle’s very cool movie theatres that used to be someone’s house. Not too far from home, even when you take the long way around the south end of Lake Union.

Seven Gables Theatre

Seattle's Seven Gables Theatre (Joe Mabel via Wikimedia Commons)

As I was parking the bike I looked down to make sure the fuel was off and was horrified to discover the little white probe almost completely exposed. Don’t panic, I told myself, the street is rather noticably crowned; after the movie, just wheel the bike over to 50th Street (about 20 feet away), which is completely level. That should give a more accurate reading.

During the previews my mind raced with possible scenarios for getting the bike (and me) home without turning the engine on, or at least running the engine as little as possible. Unfortunately, riding a bus home and back would take hours even if it was feasible, so the best bet would likely be freewheeling it down Roosevelt Way to a little shortcut turnout, where I could ride it to Fremont and park it… that would be close enough to walk home and get the 2-stroke oil, and fill the oil tank.

By the time the movie started, I’d convinced myself that everything will be fine. And reminded myself that I paid $9.25 to see this movie, so relax already!

Ordinarily, I will stay to the very end of the credits, but this time I was out the door as soon as the final scene faded to black. Infamous is indeed the better of this year’s Truman Capote movies, by the way, so go see it!

I rushed to the bike, and with traffic on Roosevelt making wheeling it to 50th a bad idea (you have to go against traffic to do that), I saw a level spot a few feet ahead of where I’d parked. Onto the pavement patch, and lo and behold, the probe is completely immersed in teal fluid. Not even a bubble on the top. *Whew!*

Back home, the bubble reappears as I put the PX on the center stand, so I go upstairs to my utility closet to get the new bottle of 2-stroke oil. It has a level gauge molded into one side of the bottle, so I figure four ounces won’t hurt anything. The bubble disappears. I can now look forward to riding in the morning with my friend, The Butterfly of Panama, safe in the knowledge that my engine won’t seize up. At least not because it’s out of oil. Favicon

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  1. mariposadepanama permalink
    October 19, 2006 6:24 pm

    so, all this happened before we rode? and to think that you left the story out!!! can’t wait to read the next adventure!!!

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