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Got it back today!

October 12, 2006

The PX is ready! I was wondering how much longer I’d have to endure scooter withdrawal… in fact, I ended up going on Wednesday night’s Westenders Ghost Ride in my Ford Escape, bringing up the rear.

Get the key, turn on the fuel, the ignition, it’s in neutral, squeeze the clutch, hit the starter button (it’s parked with the other scooters waiting to be picked up by their owners, and so close there’s no room to kick it). It fires up; time to put it in gear.

Whoa! Not only does the shifter serve up first gear, it’s tight as a drum and lined up right on the ‘1’ mark. Sweeet!! Pull out, shift to second–again, tight and precise, not sloppy like it was when I first got it. So, dear reader, if your PX has a sloppy gearchange you need to have your dealer adjust it, and check the condition of the cable while the headset’s apart. Slick, precise 4-3-2 downshifts are now almost an afterthought.

Heading for home from Georgetown, it occurs to me the usual route on the Alaskan Way Viaduct isn’t an option because I have at most 45 mph, due to the 80% throttle restriction for the break-in period. Fourth Avenue, which is one way and has decently-synchronized traffic signals, is the best bet.

Once again, I am reminded just what a cushy ride the ET was. The pavement on 4th Avenue is pebbly and full of patches, and on the PX you feel every little bump. Since the bus tunnel closed, there are about 10 times the number of buses at rush hour. But I notice I am doing a bit of carving… I can grab just the gear I need, now that the shifter works so well. Heck, even neutral is a hit every time! Plus I have started to train myself not only to use the foot brake to stop, but to hold the bike in place. Oh, and I haven’t done a wheelie in days. Favicon


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